!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ring Recall Notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherril recalls non-marked, non-colored aluminum rings (click here to read the recall)

On August 26, 2009 Sherrill Tree issued a recall of any non-marked, non-colored (aka "polished") aluminum rings.  These are the type that are often used in the creation of friction savers or used at the primary attachment point on many bridge-style harnesses.

Over the past few years several Splices by Nick customers have ordered and received custom spliced products with the recalled rings spliced into them. If you have a spliced product from Nick with a recalled ring on it, you have two options to get this matter taken care of:
  1. Cut the ring off and send it directly to Sherrill Tree for replacements, as stated in the recall (link above)
  2. Send the whole piece (non damaged) to Nick (for mailing address email nick at splicesbynick dot com).  The recalled ring(s) will be removed, replaced with good rings, then sent back to you at no charge.
Immediately discontinue use if your ring may be part of the recall.